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Overveen is a town in North Holland, in the municipality of Bloemendaal. Overveen lies on the eastern fringe of the North Sea dunes. The dunes and the beach are very close, and very inviting. It’s a great place to have a nice workout and relax. Overveen has a warm, authentic 1930s appearance. There are many young families, whose children play (outside) and go to school together. The atmosphere is friendly and social. The people who live there often come from the city (Amsterdam), looking for more space, nature and a safe, pleasant environment to let their children grow up. Nearby facilities include excellent schools, train stations Haarlem and Overveen, medical care, shops, childcare, hockey clubs, football, tennis, etc.

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Entry date 4-7-2018
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Asking price € 975.000 
Entry date 20-10-2018
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Entry date 4-9-2018
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Rental price € 2.500 per month
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Asking price € 1.685.000 
Entry date 14-11-2018
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Rental price € 1.975 per month
Entry date 14-8-2018
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Asking price € 850.000 
Entry date 7-11-2018
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Asking price € 1.650.000 
Entry date 2-6-2018
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Rental price € 1.650 per month
Entry date 13-11-2018
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Rental price € 2.650 per month
Entry date 11-9-2018
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Rental price € 2.900 per month
Entry date 24-10-2018
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Entry date 29-4-2018
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Entry date 9-6-2018
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Entry date 23-10-2018
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Asking price € 625.000 
Entry date 26-11-2016
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Asking price € 675.000 
Entry date 7-11-2018
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