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Hilversum is a medium-sized town in the Gooi area of North Holland. Hilversum is the Dutch media capital, and almost all national radio and tv stations are based here. But Hilversum is also famous for its flourishing architecture. The 1920s and 1930s were a particularly important period for architecture here. The world-famous town architect W.M. Dudok designed the town hall, school and office buildings, residential areas, ponds, roads and the sports park. The Beeld en Geluid (Visuals and Audio) building is considered to be Hilversum’s most recent architectural highlight. On top of all this, Hilversum’s many events, theatres, shops and cinemas contribute to making it a lively city. Hilversum is surrounded by beautiful nature. Just outside the city limits you will find expansive heathlands and the magnificent Spanderswoud forest with its many hiking trails and country estates. The area has excellent public transport links to Amsterdam, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Utrecht, and easy motorway access for travelling by car.

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