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Amsterdam Zuid Oost

Amsterdam Zuid Oost (South East Amsterdam) is one of Amsterdam’s most varied, culturally diverse and forward-facing districts. Amsterdam Zuid-Oost is now no longer a satellite of Amsterdam but has its own busy city centre, and global firms such as ING and Staples have their European headquarters here. The ArenA Boulevard is turning into a hotspot with many restaurants and all kind of stores. There are numerous restaurants, hotels, offices and entertainment venues here, including the AFAS Live, the Ziggo Dome, the Pathe ArenA and the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

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Entry date 29-10-2018
Brought to you by: JLG Real Estate BV
Asking price € 2.750.000 
Entry date 1-8-2018
Brought to you by: Estatum makelaardij
Rental price € 1.900 per month
Entry date 12-11-2018
Brought to you by: MTH Makelaars B.V.
Asking price € 7.900.000 
Entry date 24-3-2016
Brought to you by: Mar.J. Heule Makelaardij B.V.
sold conditionally
Entry date 4-10-2018
Brought to you by: Bakker Makelaardij Beverwijk B.V
Asking price € 1.425.000 
Entry date 4-11-2018
Brought to you by: Makelaar Bert
sold conditionally
Entry date 11-7-2018
Brought to you by: Peter Bruin Makelaardij o.g. B.V.
Rental price excluding € 2.500 per month
Entry date 13-9-2018
Brought to you by: Peter Bruin Makelaardij o.g. B.V.
sold conditionally
Entry date 8-9-2018
Brought to you by: Jansen Smit Makelaars en Taxateurs
Entry date 29-5-2018
Brought to you by: Evers Makelaardij & Taxateurs
Asking price € 499.000 
Entry date 27-10-2016
Brought to you by: Amstel makelaardij o.g.
Rental price excluding € 1.500 per month
Entry date 27-10-2018
Brought to you by: PB Makelaars o.z.
Entry date 10-10-2018
Brought to you by: Brockhoff Makelaars
sold conditionally
Entry date 29-9-2018
Brought to you by: Brockhoff Makelaars
Asking price € 3.450.000 
Entry date 16-10-2018
Brought to you by: PC22
Asking price € 2.895.000 k.k.
Entry date 10-12-2017
Brought to you by: Peter Bruin Makelaardij o.g. B.V.
sold conditionally
Entry date 8-6-2018
Brought to you by: ME Makelaars B.V.
Asking price € 475.000 k.k.
Entry date 2-11-2018
Brought to you by: Krop & Co. Makelaars en Taxateurs o.g.
Asking price € 575.000 
Entry date 9-11-2018
Brought to you by: Tel Makelaars o.g. BV
Asking price € 485.000 
Entry date 5-11-2018
Brought to you by: Eefje Voogd Makelaardij