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Amsterdam Oost

Amsterdam Oost (East Amsterdam) is a multicultural neighbourhood not far from the city centre, and is home to the beautiful Oosterpark and the majestic Tropenmuseum. This green neighbourhood is known for its wide streets with monumental 19th-century buildings, the finest of restaurants and exciting cultural activities. Amsterdam Oost is a melting pot of cultures, from students to internationals, young families to retirees and expats to long-time residents.

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Rental price € 2.300 per month
Entry date 24-10-2017
Brought to you by: JLG Real Estate BV
Asking price € 1.850.000 
Entry date 13-7-2018
Brought to you by: Makelaarskantoor Carla van den Brink B.V.
sold conditionally
Entry date 13-10-2018
Brought to you by: Willemspark O.G.
sold conditionally
Entry date 11-10-2018
Brought to you by: Eefje Voogd Makelaardij
Asking price € 475.000 
Entry date 1-11-2018
Brought to you by: Forte Makelaars
Entry date 28-7-2018
Brought to you by: Broersma makelaardij B.V.
Asking price € 1.300.000 
Entry date 5-10-2018
Brought to you by: JLG Real Estate BV
sold conditionally
Entry date 16-9-2018
Brought to you by: Amstelhoven Makelaardij o.g. b.v.
Amount € 360.000 k.k.
Entry date 10-11-2018
Brought to you by: Hallie & van Klooster Makelaardij
Asking price € 365.000 k.k.
Entry date 8-10-2018
Brought to you by: Hoofdstad makelaars
sold conditionally
Entry date 14-10-2018
Brought to you by: Amstelhoven Makelaardij o.g. b.v.
Asking price € 535.000 
Entry date 9-11-2018
Brought to you by: Mooijekind Vleut Makelaars o/g Amsterdam B.V.
Asking price € 2.800.000 
Entry date 6-9-2018
Brought to you by: Heeren Makelaars B.V.
Rental price excluding € 1.995 per month
Entry date 25-9-2018
Brought to you by: Rappange Makelaardij B.V.
Rental price € 1.390 per month
Entry date 15-11-2018
Brought to you by: Makelaarskantoor BEN
Rental price € 3.000 per month
Entry date 6-11-2018
Brought to you by: Recourt Makelaars
sold conditionally
Entry date 26-9-2018
Brought to you by: Broersma makelaardij B.V.
Asking price € 2.300.000 
Entry date 20-7-2018
Brought to you by: Engel & Volkers
Entry date 28-9-2018
Brought to you by: Pappie & Van der Zee Makelaars o.g. B.V.
Asking price € 6.750.000 
Entry date 12-7-2018
Brought to you by: PC22