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Aerdenhout is a small town in the municipality of Bloemendaal. Located in the dunes between Haarlem and the popular beach town Zandvoort, it ranks as the wealthiest town in the Netherlands. The village Aerdenhout is dominated by many stately homes and villas, each with a unique style or architecture, and mostly built in the period 1920-1930. It is a very well-known villa district located in the dunes of Zuid-Kennemerland. Sandwiched between important connecting roads, you will find the most spacious villas in the area. The villas feature beautiful spacious gardens that connect seamlessly to the surrounding greenery. Besides the beautiful homes, there are a number of exciting things to do in Aerdenhout, from historical sites to cultural attractions. Because of its good location in relation to connecting roads, you’re at the beach or in the city-centre of Haarlem in no time. At only 30 minutes by car you can already be standing in Amsterdam, Schiphol or The Hague. The ideal location for commuting and still living in the beautiful nature of Zuid-Kennemerland.

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Asking price € 1.200.000 
Entry date 21-7-2018
Brought to you by: Engel en Volkers
Asking price € 699.000 
Entry date 17-11-2018
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Asking price € 980.000 k.k.
Entry date 27-10-2018
Brought to you by: Keij & Stefels Makelaars B.V.
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Entry date 4-4-2018
Brought to you by: JLG Real Estate BV
Asking price € 600.000 
Entry date 30-10-2018
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Rental price € 1.250 per month
Entry date 16-11-2018
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Asking price € 200.000 
Entry date 8-11-2018
Brought to you by: Brockhoff Makelaars
sold conditionally
Entry date 4-10-2018
Brought to you by: Bakker Makelaardij Beverwijk B.V
Nieuw in de verkoop
Asking price € 165.000 k.k.
Entry date 17-11-2018
Brought to you by: Galman & Versteeg makelaars o.g. B.V.
Asking price € 2.595.000 
Entry date 3-10-2018
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Asking price € 490.000 
Entry date 9-12-2016
Brought to you by: Ascoba Makelaardij v.o.f.
Rental price € 2.750 per month
Entry date 15-11-2018
Brought to you by: DSTRCT Amsterdam B.V.
Asking price € 950.000 
Entry date 8-11-2018
Brought to you by: BrinkBorgh Makelaardij OG
Asking price € 1.250.000 
Entry date 8-9-2018
Brought to you by: Pappie & Van der Zee Makelaars o.g. B.V.
let conditionally
Entry date 6-11-2018
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sold conditionally
Entry date 2-10-2018
Brought to you by: Recourt Makelaars
Rental price € 2.350 per month
Entry date 18-10-2018
Brought to you by: JLG Real Estate BV
Asking price € 950.000 k.k.
Entry date 18-9-2018
Brought to you by: Makelaarsgroep AMEO Amsterdam en Omstreken B.V.
Asking price € 675.000 
Entry date 12-9-2018
Brought to you by: Brockhoff Makelaars
Entry date 21-6-2018
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