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Meisburgerstrasse 38 54570 DENSBORN

Asking price € 695.000 k.k.

Save property
Year of construction
Floor space
202 m²
Number of rooms
Lot size
15.567 m²


Short description:
This beautiful whole consists of a historic water mill with outbuildings built in 1762 on the edge of a small village in the volcano district.
The mill served as a grain mill until 1962. She was the place where the peasants were grinding their corn, in which they could buy their bread in the connected bakery.
From 1962 to 2008, the mill was only used as a home by the former owners.
From 2008, the current owner has restored the mill in former glory.
Even when sang in the national anthem: "The mill clicks on the edge of the noisy stream", this is only true for this mill. Here nothing fails, the mill rotates quietly and silently rounds. Day in day out.
Powered by the water from the stream and the lake, the mill row inside the mill drives a seemingly old fashioned, yet highly efficient, mechanism.
In the spring of 2011, the original millstone was reinstalled.
One could cut corn again!
In addition, the hydroelectric power flows through the watercourse.

The house is completely renovated and renovated.
Below are a small cozy bistro, a well-equipped business kitchen with storage room and above three artistically furnished guest rooms.
In the newly designed, really tastefully decorated "Backstube" is a fully functional wood-fired bread-side pizza oven.
Here at workshops with the students, all kinds of bread and pizzas are baked, which can then be picked up on the attractive terrace next door.

A spacious apartment is furnished in the attic.

For the new owner, a brand new, cozy house is available at the back of the building. Here you have privacy and a beautiful view over the zoo, lake and surroundings.

A large barn, adjacent to the courtyard, offers many applications on two floors.
In a separate barn in the rear area, the two donkeys currently live and in the adjacent area is hay, straw, tractor, etc. Directly adjacent to the meadows.
On the very spacious plot there is a lake serving as a water buffer and fed from an adjacent lake.
On a part of the mini-camps, an original Yurt is being built during the summer season, which is being rented to people who want to experience the way people live in the steppes of Asia.
A toilet building is available to guests.
Part of the site next to the mill is furnished with organic vegetable gardens, flower gardens as experience gardens.
On the other side of the very quiet road there is a large number of associated forests, which could include, for example, natural houses such as straws or wooden chalets.
Also part of this is meant as "edible forest".

In short: a very quiet, very beautiful and expertly restored historic mill with a huge range of possibilities on a large plot.

Location and accessibility:
The mill complex is located on a very low road as the last building on the edge of a small village in the beautiful Kylldal in the southwest of the Vulkaaneifel district.
The inhabitants (621 permanent residents and about 51 "holidaymakers") are served by the good infrastructure with approximately 400 jobs at the various companies in the village, a doctor, a kindergarten and a Gaststδtte estate.
In the village there is a station on the route Trier-Cologne.
Around 80 km of hiking and cycling trails all the possibilities of relaxing in nature can be enjoyed around the village.
The famous Kyllradweg is now ready everywhere. On this special bike path you can ride to Trier, you can ride the bike by bike or by car.
Daily groceries can be bought in Kyllburg or Gerolstein.
In Gerolstein you will find a hospital, a swimming pool and, in addition to various supermarkets, all kinds of specialized stores, restaurants and hotels.
In the area, many cultural and tourism activities are organized throughout the year.

Kyllburg: about 12 km; Gerolstein: about 15 km; Daun: about 23.5 km; Prόm: about 23.5 km; St. Vith (B): about 52.5 km; Luxembourg city: about 91 km; Cologne: about 114 km; Bonn: about 119 km; Maastricht: approx. 143 km.

Guided tour:
This is a very large complex, which is hardly described in short terms: one must have just seen, felt and "tasted"!
Nevertheless, we try to describe the various sections briefly and concisely.

The main building:
This consists of: the former house, the mill, storage rooms and the former Schnapsbrennerei.
On the other side of the semi-open courtyard is a spacious barn with two floors.
The courtyard is closed on one side with a high sliding door, which can also be opened for walking or driving to the rear.

The mill:
On the ground floor is the efficient drive section that is driven directly, day and night by the watercourse. This is the heart of the mill!
The large water ridge on the outside wall is fed with water from the lake.
The original wooden staircase with sloping steps leads us to the upper floor.
Here and on the second floor are the millstone and all the machines and equipment needed to grind, store and process flour. Almost everything is original and intact.
A few small parts are still missing, but still looking for.
Here it is shown to interested parties how earlier the grain was ground and processed.
In Germany, less than 600 mills have been preserved so well and are in operation.

Bistro, kitchen and guest rooms:
The former house is completely renovated.
The tastefully decorated bistro is approximately 60 m2. Here you can find about 28 to 30 guests at the creatively decorated tables.
A nice stained glass window still reminds us of earlier times.
There is an elaborate and licensed plan to increase the bistro on the side of the terrace.
Opposite the entrance of the bistro is the door to the fully furnished, spacious and light kitchen kitchen that meets all the requirements.
The kitchen is practical and has windows on two sides. All the equipment required for cooking for groups is present.
The storage room is accessible from the kitchen.
On the backside there is an outside door.
Upstairs there are three artistically furnished guest rooms and a bathroom used by two guest rooms.
One room has a private bathroom.
The rooms were completely newly furnished a few years ago with tastefully chosen furniture, beds and own wall paintings with a number of original details preserved.
Here guests savor the atmosphere of ancient times, we hear in the background the sounds of the mill and can relax in the comfortable beds and the daily stress shake. A little further up the stairs is a separate toilet for staff.

A few steps higher we come in the impressive new "Backstube".
Keywords: high, tasteful, inviting, cozy.
In a part to be closed there is room for about 25 guests at a long table.
In the other part is the imposing wood-fired oven where you can bake bread and pizzas. Groups can prepare the baking for a free standing marble high table. Everyone can make his own baking.
The adjacent spacious and cozy furnished terrace invites you to relax until the bakings are ready. This terrace is located at the back of the mill and overlooks a part of the adjacent mountain covered with all kinds of trees and on the beautifully landscaped organic gardens.
Here you can enjoy the sun, the peace and the nature.
A part of the mill is walking along the terrace. One hears and notes the power of the water.
From the terrace there is access to the experience gardens: the source of life, various herbs and flower gardens and the tree house with views of the waterfront and the vegetable gardens.

An apartment to be sealed with all the comforts for staff or friends is located in the attic next to the 2nd floor of the mill. It is spacious and cozy. All connections for TV and phone are present.

Owner's house:
This is built above the former Schnapsbrennerei and is currently reached from the Backstube. The intention is to build a terrace in the short term so that the property can also be reached from the outside. The house is brand new, spacious, light and comfortable.
You have access to a very spacious, high living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. The whole wall of the living room consists of windows from which you have a beautiful view of the surroundings, the forest, the lake, the stable and the donkey weed.

Heater, storage, technology and the old bread oven:
These rooms are reached from the courtyard.
In the first part is the boiler. In the room next to the installation, which indicates how much power the mill generates at a certain time and a former bread baking oven which is currently used as storage room and storage. Between these spaces there is neither an old "Plumpskloo" accessible from the courtyard.
Part of the power is returned to the grid, another part is for personal use.

Opposite the main building is the spacious beautiful old barn.
On the ground floor it is divided into two sections, which could be converted into a Hofladen, a studio, a seminar room or possibly in a separate guesthouse. On the upper floor are all possibilities still open. Place and opportunities enough!

Stall and machine storage:
On the rear, completely paved part of the plot is the stable building where two donkeys currently have their accommodation. In addition to the stall area, space is enough for the tractor, machinery and supplies of hay and straw. The adjacent meadow is fenced around.
The rear is reached by a wide gate from the street and is closed by a large sliding door from the courtyard.

Water storage:
The large water storage is fed from a second lake, which is not in the territory of the mill, which is in turn fed by a brook. Throughout the year there is enough water to drive the watercourse. In the water basin, a varied number of fish lives and all amphibians have found their natural and safe living environment.
A wonderful piece of pure nature!

A number of so-called experience gardens have been built between the mill building and the steep mountain wall with forest. Vegetables and herbs are planted and harvested for the restaurant kitchen and are explained to the visitors how a biological garden is constructed and maintained.
A wonderful piece of nature to unwind, to reconsider and work through the garden to discover what it means to live close to nature.

Minicamping and Yurt:
Part of the property is intended for minicamping.
In summer, an original Asian Yurt is also built where guests can stay overnight. Guests have access to a toilet and laundry facilities.

Parking area:
The campsite and restaurant guests have a paved parking space.

Opposite the mill, on the other side of a little used road, lies part of the associated forest. This section is south and so has a lot of sunshine.
It is allowed to build wooden and / or natural houses.
At present there is also a plan to introduce a so-called "edible forest".
A beautiful old, brick-built cellar part of the mountain offers itself as wine storage.

• The whole is professionally renovated and restored;
• The catering area and guest accommodation are fully licensed;
• Building additional (natural) houses on the forest plot is possible;
• a large part of the electricity is produced by itself:
• The gardens and meadows are biologically processed;
• The whole is sold as a "running group" but can of course also be used privately
to become;
• Here are many opportunities for a creative entrepreneur and enthusiast of authenticity
Heritage that appreciates and enhances the potential of this historic building;
• Acquisition after payment of the purchase price in the short term.

In short: a unique opportunity to acquire an authentic, restored and working mill in the Volcanic canal!

Plot area approx. 15,567 m2
Living area:
Total approx. 202,87 m2 (apartment attic 53,07 m2 + owner's house 54,60 m2 + guestroom ground floor (former living room) + hallway 34,30 m2, rooms and bathroom floor 60.90 m2
Usage Area:
Total approx. 345.03 m2 (kitchen, storage space etc. Ground floor = 51.15 m2, baking area 70.11 m2, ground floor 58.00 m2, floor 79.66 m2 and roof 66.23 m2, 88 m2)
4 Total approx. 305 m2 (Workshop and storage ground floor and 1st floor approx. 194,08 m2, donkeys and barn approx. 85 m2, wine cellar on the other side of the street approx 25 m2, not included playhouse)

Number of floors: 3, number of rooms: 8, number of bedrooms: 4 (possibly more, see maps),
Number of bathrooms: 4, cellar available: yes, wine cellar across the street
Residential 2nd dwelling: Owner's house
Energy label: Yes, from new building owner house dated 13-08-2014
Energy consumption: 119.87 kWh / (m2 * a)
Main energy source: Oil, boiler year 2009
Year of construction: approx. 1762 (mill), owner house 2010
Type of heating: central heating
Most recent renovation: 2015
Parking spaces: Approximately 15 outdoor parking spaces (more realizable) covered driveway, Carport at owner's house

Important notices:
Although we have worked very accurately and carefully in compiling this exhibit, the following announcements are of importance to all concerned / interested:
• The data in this exhibit comes from the owner, or seller and not by us
Checked, we can not take responsibility for this.
• The description and pictures are for guidance only and are not complete
Description of the object.
• Maps are not exactly on scale, are intended as guidelines only and are not part of the final purchase contract.
• We have not tested our public equipment, the associated devices or devices, as well as further mentioned machines, appliances and tools mentioned in this exhibition.
• Measurements and distances are approximate (= ca) and should be seen as well.
• No architectural research has been carried out, unless stated otherwise and attached.
• Only the objects, machines and tools, etc., explicitly mentioned as such in the
Text of this exhibition is included in the purchase.
• Acquisition of other business and objects takes place through a separate contract and falls under the
Commission arrangement, unless agreed otherwise in writing.
• Visiting: Only through pre-arranged appointment through our office and accompanied by a
Representative of our office or our colleague.
• Eifel Plus Immobilien accepts no responsibility for accidents and / or
Injuries, irrespective of how they occurred, during presence on the site or in the
• The pre-agreed brokerage fee of 3.57% (including VAT) of the purchase price is required
Equal to signing the purchase contract with the notary to be met. This applies both
For the buyer as for the seller.
• Changes and additions to the contract only apply if they are in writing
• Before reading your agreement, read our General Terms and Conditions, so that you do not follow it later
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Entry date
Accepting (an offer or contract)
By mutual agreement


Type of house/apartment
Construction type
Existing property
Year of construction
Roof covering
gabled roof
Roof material

Surface Area and Volume

Usage area Living
202 m²
Other indoor space
345 m²
External storage space
305 m²
Gross volume
1 m³
Lot size
15.567 m²


Total number of rooms
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms
Facilities bathroom
Bathtub, Toilet, Shower, Washbasin
Facilities bathroom
Toilet, Shower, Washbasin
Facilities bathroom
Toilet, Shower, Washbasin
Facilities bathroom
Toilet, Shower, Washbasin


roof insulation, wall insulation, floor insulation, part double-glazed, eco construction
Heating type
boiler, option for a fireplace
Hot water
Property boiler
Freehold property

Land registry details

Surface area
15567 m²
Ownership structure
Full ownership

Outside Area

By a forest, On a quiet road, Sheltered location, Outside built-up area, In or near wooded area, Rural setting, Freestanding , Unobstructed views
Garden type
Garden around


Type of garage
Detached (wood), carport, Parking space


Type of parking
Public parking
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